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Flag Stickers

We carry self-adhesive flags from a wide range of nations of the world. We can, of course, supply the usual flags like the United Kingdom and other great nation flags like Germany and France. But we also carry lesser-known international flags from nations such as Djibouti, Kiribati and Tajikistan.

The self-adhesive flags are available in four different sizes: 30x14 mm on sheets with 20 flags, 34x18 mm on sheets with 15, 46x21 mm on sheets with 12 and 64x34 mm on sheets with 8 flags. In other words, you can find flags for any occasion. And the self-adhesive flags can be used for a wide variety of festive purposes; for table decorations, decorating cards, letters and maybe a party song.

First you choose the size you want and then which national flag you want in the list of the almost 190 different countries.